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  • Patch Notes, v1.13

    - Completely overhauled the radar and build it up from scratch

    You’ll notice some big changes to the radar, including the ability to move the map along with some big graphical improvements. See below for further explanations.

    - Rotating and zooming are now supported on the radar

    The radar is now rendered in 3D, and allows you to rotate, pan, and zoom from your current position. Pan all the way back for the classic “bird’s-eye” view, or forward to see what’s on the horizon.

    - Creatures can now be found at Points of Interest visible on the new radar

    Certain real-world points of interest now appear on the ingame radar, and correspond with one or more clans based on the type of object or landmark. Gather at these locations to collect creatures directly!

    - Added special limited-time Points of Interest that give double rewards

    These special PoIs will appear at random throughout the world, and give double creatures and resources. Keep an eye on the timer - once they’re gone, they’re gone.

    - Added a new way to collect resources and creatures

    The gathering minigame has been streamlined, allowing you to instantly uncover resources at a particular location. You’ll also have the option to reroll your results for a chance at better creatures.

    - Minor text and image fixes

    Minor graphical/text updates, including explanations of the new gathering system.

    Questions? Comments? Reply to this thread and let us know!