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  • Hi there!
    As always, thanks for the feedback.
    We agree, the peeking animation takes way to long now, it is on our list of known issues and we are already looking into ways to fix it during one of our next updates.
    Until then, maybe it is time to dust off some of the rush decks :evil: .

    Also stay tuned for the new Clan of Allurement which releases later this day!
  • Greetings.
    Trylobit here... as always :)

    Sooo... the new skill visualisation is awsome, and i really enjoy it; how they looks like right now. But... it brokes fun, and smooth playing in PvP.
    All visualisation takes time so PvP matches takes much longer, also we have much less time to operte our minions and matching pairs.
    Peeking under hidden Fightlings are ABSOLUTLY too long. So each peeking under hidding F. decks are not playable right now.
    Control decks have hard time as well becouse of too long visualisation, and to small time to play. Try some burst decks and play 5 minions, match 3 pairs and use Champion skill - it is not possible becouse of time.
    Peeking under hiden card time have to be much shorter - at least 3 times.
    Also blocking Fightlings take too much time, this dot before block is pointles.
    Right now I'm feeling like moving back from newest Mortal Kombat game to Mortal Kombat I - its punch and waaaait, kick and waaaait.
    You have to repair peeking and make option to double or even more speed for visualisation - in other way most fight will be won becouse somene will fall a sleep during fight.

    Also check debuff burn info of the Vice Champion - 1 minion or fightling skill wich burned me was taking 64 dmg at end of turn, but debuff info was telling i should take 57 or so, Rest debuff infos was correct so far.

  • Patch Notes, v1.16
    • Updated combat effects to better highlight the corresponding ability
    • Added help text to buffs/debuffs during combat
    Additionally, we've prepped our system for the rollout of our new tier-3 clans, starting with the Clan of Allurement on Monday, September 4th! Stay tuned for details about our week-long clan launch event, Deadly Allure.

    Questions? Comments? Reply to this thread and let us know!