Gallery: Lux Concept Art

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    • Gallery: Lux Concept Art

      The first character you’ll meet in Fightlings is Lux, a mysterious, impish creature who shows you the ropes, teaches you the basics of combat and gathering, and gives you your first Fightlings.

      The character’s color scheme was decided upon first: that of light passing through a prism and splitting into six colors, each representing one of the game’s six factions. Apart from the color scheme, though, there was still plenty of room for creative character design.

      After several rounds of concept art, the current version of Lux emerged, based on the nine-tailed fox of Eastern mythology (jiuweihu in China, kitsune in Japan). These creatures appear in countless stories, often as mysterious tricksters with unknown intentions; as they’re neither good nor evil by nature, they serve as a perfect model for a mysterious guide who leads players through the world of Fightlings.

      Lux may be a pushover in the early training duels, but given that he has his own clan (complete with unique Minions), odds are we’ll see more of him, and maybe even learn a bit about his backstory...
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