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    • Favourite Clans

      I'm happy to see Fightlings fans get an official forum to connect on :D

      What are everyone's Clans of choice? Why do you pick that particular Clan? Do you "main" any of them? Who do you least like playing against?

      At first, my favourite was Clan of the Ancient because of the health draining abilities - super effective for spectacular comebacks! - and character design - the Lamia and Warden are among my favourite creatures of all decks. However, when every one in three matches was against another Ancient deck, I decided my memory isn't good enough to remember where four of each card lie, and differentiate between mine and rival Fightlings. ;D

      Now I play mainly Beastclan, and occasionally Loyalty or Battle. (Ug'dur, the Battle Champion, is an absolute juggernaut if you can string a combo and have powerful Minions at hand. It's downright brutal. I won a duel on my third turn once.)

      Innocence are a tough opponent because of the turn-ending ability of every Fightling, but I find Rock the most annoying. :)
    • I don't recall ever playing against any of the 'second tier' Clans. It's always the ones that are first unlocked - Herb, Ancient, Innocence, Wind, Rock, Fire. For a game with 1000-ish downloads, I'd kind of expect more people to choose the other clans, but maybe I'm just lucky. :) I'd sure like to test my mettle against Battle.

      The most annoying feeling is when the opponent uncovers your favourite fightling, honestly. Nothing's truly up your sleeve in this game, besides the Champion perhaps. c:
    • My favourtie would be beast clan, respectable damage and plenty of healing/utility and one of the best champion abilities. Having that additional flip as champion ability saved my bacon numerous times.

      But truth to be told most battles I conduct are with battle clan. Champion abillity follwed by hammer is usually enough to ensure victory regardless of how bad game is going(especially if you got that DoT minion early). It feels like cheating sometimes.

      As for enemy clans, it's usually ancients that defeat me. I have theory that pink materials spawn in school areas , and folks who still attend to those still have short term memory intact.
    • I got smacked bad when I tried to re-familiarize myself with Battle the last few days. I guess I'll be sticking to Beastclan like before :D As you say, Gendo - the Champion ability and the bit of life steal/healing they offer are a skill set that really agrees with me.

      I guess my error with Battle was not watching the damage I receive from my own actions. I'm not used to the two-edged sword, as it were. ;p

      I've never had a problem with Ancients, unless I was playing the pink menace as well. I find that nicknaming each fightling helps memorize where they are. For example, I call the Warden "anubis", which is fairly self-explanatory, and the Wandering Spirit became "lamush" - which is a portmanteau of 'llama' and the Polish name Janusz, ruthlessly meme-ified in the interwebs (meme-ified sounds kinda like mummified, I made a pun!). It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it sticks.

      Anyone put Seer clan through their paces yet? Now that leaderboards are on, I'm more reluctant to try unfamiliar clans, but at least my enthusiasm for battling has returned. p:

      Update: I took the Seer clan for a spin. First duel is... against another Seer. Needless to say, I lost, but only by 5 HP. :D

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    • yeah, I took seer for a spin (gotta say, I find this model of time-limited premium acces followed by releasing new clan to public most agreeable) and was left... Unimpressed. Guess I'm just spoiled by high damage from my somewhat leveled up cards, but that damage/healing output felt really low.
      Peeking under cards and additional flip on demand is really neat, but being limited to 3 pairs per turn heavily limits is't usefulness.
      I had similar feelings when playing around with loyality clans, for clan which's niche is cycling through minions minions abilities are underwhelming and "warden" being heaviest hitting asset requires exercising self-restraint and not using minions.
    • Are you guys making notes about which cards you already uncovered? I made a system (battle-Set only) which works pretty good. So if I know where my pairs are, I can pull my champion-skill (2x dmg for the whole round) and make so much dmg, that I realy kill the opponent in one row. But my Battle-Set is also Lvl 4 from now and lightly overpowered. But that will work only when I'm making notes about my cards on the field....it's hard to remember where my Fightlings are ^^
    • I stick to actually memorizing them, but if I can't focus 100% on the game, I sometimes make a little cheat sheet and write down where's what. *hides in a shame cube* It backfires as often as it works, though, because I tend to miss the opponent uncovering some cards while I am taking notes. :P

      In other news, I have led the Beast clan to shining victories and we trampled our opponents mercilessly, and my profile says I'm currently ranked 8th at 1190 Prestige - though that changes by the hour, because I can't duel as much as I'd like while I'm at work, and when I get home I'm catching up with Dishonored. I wonder how far I'll fall before the first season ends. ^^