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    • Welcome to the forum!

      Welcome to the Fightlings forum! This is your one-stop spot for all things Fightlings, from discussion to FAQs/tutorials to announcements and updates.

      We on the Fightlings team plan on using these forums not only for announcements, but also to share interesting game-related content with the community. We'll link these posts on our social media accounts as well, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

      Fightlings offers community support in both English and German. Currently, multilingualism is turned off for posts, which means that all users can see all posts, though this may change in the future.

      Lastly, please check our Forum Rules before posting. Most of these points should go without saying, and can be summed up in one simple rule: treat others as you'd want to be treated.

      Thanks for joining us!
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