Dev Diary: 27 June

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    • Dev Diary: 27 June

      Welcome to the Fightlings Dev Diaries, which are our way of peeling ourselves away from our screens and offering a glimpse into our game development process. This week's entry spotlights Anna, one of the game designers for Fightlings.

      How did you get into game design?

      It was more of an accident. I wanted to study journalism, I came across the Games Academy in my search for schools, and was totally blown away by the possibility of developing video games. Four months later, I moved to Berlin to study game design.

      What is a typical day working on Fightlings like?

      A typical working day usually provides a wide range of different tasks for me. If something has been completed, I test and write bug reports, work with our programmers to clarify how features should be implemented, add items to the shop, and write concepts for new features or redesigns. I rarely work a whole day on one thing. Usually my working days are a rather colorful mix of different tasks.

      What methods do you use to test new game systems?

      The "smoke test" approach is essential for testing our entire app. This is basically a long checklist that covers all areas of Fightlings, indicating whether or not certain features are working properly in each area.
      If I only test one particular feature, I try to write a shorter checklist similar to a smoke test. This usually involves going through our game design documentation again to make sure I'm totally clear on how the feature is supposed to work.

      How has the gameplay of Fightlings evolved over the past year?

      I think we have managed to make the gameplay of Fightlings much more consistent, and we've gone a long way toward uniting the various parts of the game.

      What were your favorite games growing up?

      Romé and Monopoly.

      What is your favorite board or card game?

      Home "room escape" games and poker.

      What sort of projects would you like to work on in the future?

      I think I would have a lot of fun working on a game like Unravel or Little Nightmares. Designing levels that demand both skill and brains is a lot of fun.
      Otherwise, I would be happy to continue working in the mobile area and learn more about UI design and monetization.

      If you could be one character from a videogame, who would you be?

      Jade from Beyond Good & Evil.

      What are you playing right now?

      I know I'm late to the game, but I just recently started The Last Guardian.

      What are some of the challenges you've faced as a woman in the games industry?

      In my experience, it is sometimes difficult to be taken as seriously as a male colleague from the get-go, especially if you don't dress like a man. However, I firmly believe that in the coming years this will slowly but surely take care of itself.

      What do you like most about living in Berlin?

      The freedom that the city offers. You always have the feeling you can do anything you want here.

      Fightlings comes to Germany, Austria and Switzerland on July 18th. Stay tuned for more Dev Diaries over the coming weeks.
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