Dev Diary: 13 July

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    • Dev Diary: 13 July

      Welcome to the Fightlings Dev Diaries, which are our way of peeling ourselves away from our screens and offering a glimpse into our game development process. This week's entry spotlights Christina, the Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Thoughtfish.

      What was your philosophy in founding Thoughtfish?

      I wanted to create a different sort of corporate culture, which maximized people's strengths rather than simply balancing their weaknesses. Diversity is important, so I wanted different cultures, genders, and viewpoints to be represented. An environment in which one can be creative, while also taking on a lot of responsibility...

      Where did the idea for Fightlings come from?

      There were two sources of inspiration. On the one hand, I found the way smartphone users actually interact with their devices fascinating. A smartphone is an incredibly intimate device. Most people even bring them to the bathroom with them, and feel naked and unhappy when they forget them at home. To find out what really makes a smartphone, I wanted to build games. On the other hand, a great designer once told me that the dream of every gambler should be to take a very simple children's game and make something new out of it.

      What were your favorite games growing up?

      Wizball, Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island, The Dig, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Pac Land, Doom, Heretic...

      What are some of your favorite recent games?

      I feel hopelessly behind... the last game I really played was Tales from the Borderlands. Most of the recent mobile titles I've played have either been for research or cool sneak peaks from other indie developers.

      What are your favorite board/card games?

      Arkham Horror, Dominion, Hero Quest, Talisman, Munchkin.

      What is your approach to designing for mobile?

      I love exploring and more and more of the world, and discovering new and different things.

      If you could be one character from a videogame, who would you be?

      The purple tentacle from Day of the Tentacle, or one of the zombies from Plants vs. Zombies.

      What's your earliest videogame memory?

      My father programmed a Space Invaders clone when I was very young. That was my all-time favorite game.

      What game are you best at? What game are you worst at?

      Best: Half-Life. Worst: Pocket Mortys.

      What do you like most about living in Berlin?

      The neighborhoods, and the feeling that you can live whatever life you want – you just have to live in the right part of the city for it.

      What sort of projects would you like to work on in the future?

      As many different ones as possible!

      Fightlings comes to Germany, Austria and Switzerland on July 18th. Stay tuned for more Dev Diaries over the coming weeks.
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