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    • Hey everyone, hey devs,

      I was wondering if we could get some insights into how matchmaking works. The reason I'm asking: I only played one clan so far, and my opponent was always within the same HP range as myself. So if my clan had around 1000 HP, my opponent would most likely be something around 900-1100 HP.

      Now, yesterday I tried a new clan (Sand), and of course the new clan is still at a low level, however, it seems I'm getting matched with the same high-HP clans as before. So with Sand, I have around 700 HP, but my opponents are all 1000-1200 HP, which makes it really hard to win when you choose a new clan.

      Is this supposed to work like that? Has anyone else experienced this? Or is this maybe because of the Sand clan?

      EDIT: Now that a new season started, I just realised that matchmaking seems to be based on Prestige, which makes sense.

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    • Hi Marcsen,

      That's correct - Prestige is the main factor in matchmaking. Specifically, within a season (1 week) you are matched based on your current standing. So if you switch decks to a lower HP deck after playing with a higher one, your opponents will still be coming from your previous standing.

      As far as leveling clans goes, higher tiers start more powerful than lower ones, but all tiers are equally matched when they are at max level. The max levels for the tiers are as follows:

      T1 (Wind, Rock, etc.): 15
      T2 (Sand, Beast, etc.): 14
      T3 (?): 13


      Hope that helps - feel free to respond with any other questions.

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