Mighty crushling minion - reason to lvlup

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    • Mighty crushling minion - reason to lvlup

      There are lot of minions witch lvluping only increase Champions HP and Exp boost (becouse their skills are not improved after lvling up )- so they are not so tempting to lvlup them, as other with dmg skills.
      But we have some minions witch damages our own Champion and making some skill ( like Mighty crushling) - if You lvlup it, this damage should be decreased, not increased like it is right now.
      In other way this minion dmges You more - but his secondary proc of skill stays same.
      I'm trully interested how this game will evolve in future, You have good base to be really great game - but lot's of work and good decision has to be done.
    • Hi Trilobyt,

      Thanks for the feedback, it's a good question. This particular Minion is a break-even case, because the overall HP increases at exactly the same rate as the damage to one's own Champion. It does provide a slight advantage, because you as a player always have the option to not play a Minion (as opposed to Fightlings, which can be uncovered by either player). In this case, it's probably best to level up this Minion last, in order to get the full XP from the set while giving other Minions preference.

      We're constantly rebalancing and updating the game's combat, so we will revisit this one with the next round. Thanks again for your feedback!

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