Fightlings 102: combat in depth

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    • Fightlings 102: combat in depth

      combat is fairly straightforward, but I think more can be said about. This text will be focused on general concepts of combat, which I hope will prove usefull when talking about strategies/decks and when playing game itself.

      First of all, basics.
      During your round you have 2 card flips and one action(it means using minion or champion).
      To win a battle one of two win conditions must be met:
      1)hp of enemy is reduced to 0 (ko)
      2)your hp is higher than enemies once match ends (all fightlings are uncovered)

      Having basics covered, let's look at how can one go about reaching win condition.

      All card effects of all cards can be divided in 2 most basic categories:
      1) life gap generation (damage, drain, heal, regeneration, poison)
      2) tempo modulation (peek under card, block card,additional action, all minion modifiers)

      decks can be divided in several categories, depending on how they organically approach win condition:
      1) aggro - category best siuted when aiming at ko win condition, those decks focus on reducing enemy health
      2) control - mostly geared towards blocking board and manipulating minions
      3) sustain - decks focused around life regeneration
      4) hybrid- decks with no specific character, they offer bit of everything. This category is biggest or smallest, depending on how rigid one would choose to be when categorizing decks.

      Example categorization:
      aggro: battle, fire, loyal, wind
      control: rock, sand, seer
      sustain: herb, ancient
      hybrid: beast, innocence, phantom
      This categorization is completely subjective, you are most welcome to disagree.

      About combat itself. First thing to point out, player who has first move is at strong disatvantage. While perspective on getting lucky and uncovering pair on first turn is tempting, parobability of that happening is low (6,25%, chance for that "one particular" pair is 0,3%). Best opening move when one gets first turn is using minion with "ends turn" without flipping any cards. After that, laying down any particular strategy is rather difficult, as game contains plenty of random elements, and one needs to asses on the fly what best course of action will be. But there is one solid tip I can give.
      Treat your first card flip as "exploration flip" and second as "executive flip". Idea is to not put yourself at disadvantage by revealing board to enemy. If card from exploration can't be paired, just use second flip on card that was already revealed.
      Also, while focusing on pairing your own fightlings in most cases should be priority, don't ignore enemy cards. Effects of activating opposing fightling can be unpleasant, but usually it's a lot worse when it is enemy who activates it.
      And lastly, work on your preferred deck(s). Identify strongest points of deck and prioritize upgrading them. But don't neglect remaining cards completely, even "useless" cards increase deck's hp when leveled up.

      Thank you for reading.
    • Many thanks for posting this! Your last three points are very interesting, particularly the one about waiting for your opponent to reveal cards first. There is certainly a mathematical advantage to this, though - as in chess, poker, and any CCG - pacing and confidence also play a role.

      Working on your preferred deck(s) is the best advice - the current bug that somewhat punishes you for switching to a lesser deck in the middle of a PVP season will be patched out very shortly, but it always pays to build your favorite cards first, and have a few default strategies for each deck.

      As mentioned in other threads, open deck selection is in the works, and will hopefully be in place in the not-too-distant future. Before that, in the much nearer future, we'll have an exciting announcement soon relating to PVP.

      Thanks again and happy dueling,
      Team Fightlings

      UPDATE: Cross-posting the 1.15.2 Patch Notes here, as this new update addresses some of the questions/suggestions about matchmaking:
      Patch notes, v.1.15.2
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