Final numbers for HIDDEN ORBS

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    • Final numbers for HIDDEN ORBS

      Our first event is a wrap!

      First off, big congrats to all our Blue backers for collecting the most Orbs. All event portals contain valuable goodies, but factions with more Orbs collected will have extra bonus value based on overall standings. Here's the final breakdown of Orbs collected:
      Blue: 4044
      Purple: 3507
      Orange: 2821
      Green: 2146
      Red: 1915
      Yellow: 1887

      Now for the fun part: let's open some portals!

      From now until next Monday, special Orb Portals will be available in the in-game Bazaar. These offer a mix of goodies based on faction — head to the Bazaar and check it out! (
      NOTE: all Orbs not spent before Monday, August 7th at 12:00 CET will be converted into Marbles.)

      We hope you enjoyed finding new resources, points of interest, and even some new real-world spots. If you have questions or feedback, please let us know — it will help us a lot as we plan future events!

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