Announcing the CLAN OF ALLUREMENT!

    • Announcing the CLAN OF ALLUREMENT!

      Hey everyone -

      Big news: our first tier-3 clan is coming! The CLAN OF ALLUREMENT brings new skill types to duels, as they sneak behind enemy lines to freeze or steal the opponent's Minions.

      The Champion and four Fightlings were created in a wild and colorful art style which melds insectoid/serpentine predators with warriors, dancers, and seductresses. Additionally, the clan's Minions (such as the Careless Scorchling featured above) have brand-new artwork.

      Finally, this new content update will bring vivid new animations to the duel, improving pacing while illustrating skill effects boldly and clearly.

      We'll have more details in the coming days, so stay tuned!

      Team Fightlings
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