Dev Diary: 24 August

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    • Dev Diary: 24 August

      Welcome to the Fightlings Dev Diaries, which are our way of peeling ourselves away from our screens and offering a glimpse into our game development process. This week's entry spotlighs Brian, our Director of Design at Thoughtfish.

      How did you get into game design? What were your favorite games growing up?

      I started testing Game Boy games when I was 13. When I was really young Konami's Sunset Riders was my favorite game, but really systems heavy games like Sim City and Civilization had a huge influence on my design style.

      What are some of your favorite recent games?

      Breath of the Wild and lot of Civilization VI are both great additions to franchises I love.

      What are your favorite board/card games?

      Like a lot of designers, Magic the Gathering has been a big part of my life. But I'm also a huge fan of Bruno Faidutti, especially his game Citadels (when played with 3 players). It really is the perfect role-taking game.

      What is a typical day at Thoughtfish like?

      Ask me again in a year! So far there has been no typical day here.

      What methods do you use to test new game systems?

      It's a mixture of experience, intuition, and data analysis. We know what kinds of things have worked in the past, we have ideas on how to improve them and then we do research and test to see if our assumptions were correct. The more you do this process the better your guesses are the next time around.

      What are your hobbies outside of games?

      Outside of games I like to design and build my own musical instruments.

      If you could be one character from a videogame, who would you be?

      Liara from Mass Effect for sure. She's a scientist/ space explorer/ has cool tech powers/ can live for 1000 years. All that's hard to beat.

      What's the strangest place you've ever played a mobile game?

      At a cult gathering.

      What's your earliest videogame memory? What are you playing right now?

      My earliest videogame memory is playing an old Asteroids cabinet with my dad. Currently I'm playing a lot Crusader Kings and Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension. They are two of the best grand strategy games ever.

      Stay tuned for more Dev Diaries over the coming weeks. (photos:, 2.Wikimedia Commons, 3.Bruno Faidutti/
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