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    • DEADLY ALLURE, Sept. 4-11

      Deadly Allure: Event Details

      This event will start on the 4th of September at 4pm and run for one week, ending on the 11th of September at 4pm.

      The Clan of Allurement will be released at the start of the event, and you can immediately summon it with souls. It will also be available in a variety of different portals, both through the Bazaar and via regular gameplay.

      The Clan of Allurement will appear at numerous POIs (points of interest) while the event is live. This clan will charm their way into POIs that normally belong to other clans, and will replace the regular occupants for the duration of the event.

      For the duration of the event, the Clan of Allurement can be found at the following POIs:

      Fishing Areas (normally Wind)
      Geysers (normally Wind)
      Aquariums (normally Sand)
      Mazes and Labyrinths (normally Phantoms)
      Volcanoes (normally Battle)
      Art Galleries (normally Seers)
      Ranger Stations (normally Rock)
      Cemeteries during daylight hours (normally Loyalty)
      Tourist Attractions (normally Loyalty)
      Public Art and Sculptures (normally all factions at different times)
      Firepits, Barbecues and Public Grills (normally Fire)

      Additionally, the Clan of Allurement will be staking its claim to a brand new POI: confectioneries, i.e. stores that make their own candy. Candy goes hand-in-hand with love and allure, so if you've got a sweet tooth, seek them out at the source! NOTE: the Clan of Allurement will appear at all the above POIs during the event, but in far greater numbers at confectioneries.

      Finally, there's a hidden POI where you can also find the Clan of Allurement worldwide. Once the event starts, if you find this clan with no POI icon nearby, see if you can figure out where (and when!) it came from...

      Questions? Comments? Reply to this post and let us know.

      Happy Hunting, Envoys!
      Team Fightlings
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