Pinned List of Known Issues

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    • List of Known Issues

      This is a list of known bugs in Fightlings. To report new bugs, please use this thread: Post Your Bugs Here.

      Last update: September 8, 2017

      Dynamic POIs not appearing in-gameDynamic POIs (AKA "Portals of Power", the temporary portals that appear as stars on the radar and double your rewards) were announced on August 9th. We turned them on that day, but they disappeared from the game soon after.
      Efficiency system not working as intendedThe efficiency system (the "tired eye" that happens after too much gathering in one area) does not behave consistently. Sometimes the eye appears tired when first logging in, other times it does not affect the number of resources gathered. Unable to gather Creatures on a POI when the eye is tired. Moving does not reset eye.
      Radar screen is blackPeriodically the radar screen will load partially (streets, POIs, basic grid) but the color tiles will not load. Restarting the app does not seem to help when this occurs in an area.
      Duel timer not visibleDuel timer does not appear sometimes (reported in v15, should be fixed with v16)
      General connection issuesNo-internet symbol appears, even when connected to wifi and other apps are working
      Matchmaking is sometimes very slowMatchmaking hangs for 15-20 seconds sometimes
      Graphical bug at start of duelBefore cards are shuffled, one card appears briefly in the upper left part of the board.