Goodbye Marbles, Hello Gold

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    • Goodbye Marbles, Hello Gold

      Goodbye Marbles, Hello Gold

      Greetings, Envoys! Starting tomorrow, you'll see something new in Fightlings: Gold. Our next update will replace Marbles with Gold at a 1:1 ratio.

      Why are we making this change? The short answer is: to simplify things. When we set out to create the world of Fightlings, we tried to imagine what sort of currency these strange, interdimensional beings would use. With their love of mischief, dueling, and play, Marbles seemed like the perfect fit.

      And while we liked the feel of using Marbles as a basic currency, and they work well enough in the game, their role can sometimes be a bit confusing to newer players. Are they ammo? Points? A color resource? Essentially, they're the basic currency of the game - and as such, we're switching them to a more universally recognized symbol of currency in gaming. It's a pretty minor switch, but we hope it will help new players get into the game more quickly, without disrupting the game flow for experienced players.

      On Friday, September 15th, we will perform a mini-update with minor bug and text fixes. After this update, all Marbles will automatically convert to Gold at a one-to-one ratio. Other than our servers being down (likely for no more than 15-30 minutes), nothing about the gameplay will change - you'll now get Gold for winning duels, which can, as always, be used to level up creatures and open portals.

      Thanks for your support, Envoys - if you have questions or comments, let us know in the replies!

      Team Fightlings

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