The Tabletop-Gaming Roots of Fightlings

    • The Tabletop-Gaming Roots of Fightlings

      Fightlings, in its digital form, is the result of hundreds of hours of gameplay in physical form: cards, dice, gems representing HP and status effects (heal/poison/block) - and, when necessary, a TI Voyage 200 for quick random number generation.

      The tabletop version of Fightlings has gone through several prototypes, each of which has sought to refine and balance combat between clans. With nine Tier 1-2 launch clans belonging to six factions (and more to come), balancing Minion, Fightling, and Champion skills is a challenging process. With just the nine introductory clans, there are 72 different pairings possible between non-like clans, and even the nine available same-clan battles require balancing, since skills change depending on whether you uncover a friendly or rival Fightling pair - in other words, clans must even be tested for fairness against themselves.

      Here are some shots of prototypes we’ve used over the past year:

      While our long-term plans include a physical version of Fightlings, for now its only physical manifestation is in these prototypes.

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