The Fightlings Card Game

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    • The Fightlings Card Game

      Greetings, Envoys! We are very excited to announce our next project in the world of Fightlings: a fully-fledged tabletop card game! As some of you know, Fightlings started out as a physical card game before coming to iOS and Android. As we've worked on the mobile version of Fightlings, we've also been working on the physical game, and we're very excited to introduce it to the world. We'll be launching the game on Kickstarter soon - for more on our plans for the game, check out our FAQ below.
      What made you decide to create a Fightlings board game?
      We're lifelong board game fans, and have always had long-term plans to launch a physical version of Fightlings. From the beginning, we've prototyped and played Fightlings as a board game, both among ourselves and with playtesters, and the general game balancing and mechanics of the mobile game have their origins in this tabletop version. In the time since we first developed the physical prototype the combat in the mobile game has become increasingly complex, with creatures and skills that are leveled incrementally, as well as effects like damage/heal-over-time and multi-turn blocking. The current version of the board game has been reworked and updated with pacing and game length in mind, and has a mid-core learning curve that gives it a high replay value for experienced players while making it accessible enough for new players.
      Why Kickstarter?
      We've chosen to launch the game on Kickstarter for several reasons. The first one is scalability: while an app can be downloaded and played any number of times without significant cost to the developer, the situation with physical card/tabletop games is very different. Knowing how many copies are needed before we start production allows us to be far more cost-efficient, keeping the overall cost (and thus the amount we charge for the game) as low as possible. The second reason we've chosen to launch on Kickstarter is that its boardgame community is incredibly active, vibrant, and supportive. We ourselves have backed many past games on Kickstarter, and we've discovered a ton of great games via the site that we probably would not have heard of otherwise. Our hope is that Kickstarter will bring new people into the Fightlings community, whether they're interested in board games, mobile games, or, like us, both.
      When will the Kickstarter campaign launch?
      The campaign will launch on Wednesday, October 18th and run for 28 days, ending on Wednesday, November 15th.
      How will this affect further launch plans for the mobile game?
      We plan to launch the mobile game in more countries this fall, and are planning additional events and content updates as well. We've bolstered our in-house support team (in the form of TF_Sebastian, who you've seen here on the forums) and will continue to actively support the mobile game during and after the launch of the board game.
      How will the board game be different from the mobile game?
      While both games use a pair-matching mechanic as the core gameplay action, there are some fundamental differences between the mobile and tabletop versions of the game. While the mobile game allows players to level up creatures and gain incremental stat boosts, the physical game uses a greatly simplified health/damage system, in which all creatures remain at one base level. The board game is a Living Card Game (like Android: Netrunner) and will allow players to build decks from all clans within a given faction. It also includes a new card type called Effects which trigger when they are revealed and don't need to be paired. We'll be publishing a ton more details about how the game is played over the coming weeks, both here on the forum and once our Kickstarter page is launched.
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